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Recently, I received a fortune from a local restaurant that forced me to ponder. The fortune reads “be alert for new opportunities in business and pleasure.” Here are my experiences that relate to this loaded little fortune.

Example One: Pleasure

A friend of mine had purchased a membership to LA Fitness and talked me into going with him until a free trial he had given me was over. I had never once been to the gym or even cared to get into shape, but when the opportunity arrived I thought about it and eventually accepted, telling him I would commit to going frequently. Since this opportunity, I have been to the gym for multiple times every week, and I have even purchased a gym membership. I consider going to the gym an opportunity of pleasure, because of how great you feel about yourself after a good workout. The opportunity presented itself, and I was a yes man.

Example Two: Business

In the business aspect, I have very recently taken an opportunity to better my roll for the company I work for. I am a copywriter for a website and write descriptions for a variety of products. The company has recognized my work ethic and has given me the opportunity to get more involved with projects that require a good amount of responsibility. I am now moving away from many monotonous tasks I used to do, and now am in a roll that allows me to plan out my whole work week being micromanaged. Similar to the gym membership, an opportunity presented itself and I was smart enough to realize that the new rolls being offered were not only beneficial to the company, but to myself as well.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Looking at the fortune, I believe the main focus is in being alert and aware of the things that are offered to me. You should never feel stuck where you’re at and you should always keep your eyes open for other chances to improve yourself or your lifestyle. Keep your eyes peeled for chances to improve yourself and never overlook a circumstance that could potentially be favorable to you.

It’s freaking crazy to think about one day starting up a business. There can be a lot of risk, and there is usually tons of fear associated with thoughts of actually getting up and doing it. There are thousands of reasons to start a business, but I like to focus on the important reason. Everyone has their own reasons why they someday hope to venture fourth into a profit churning adventure, and here’s my reason.

Time Is Money

How crappy is the idea that so many people willingly trade their own time for a set amount of money? I hate the idea that each hour is valued at a certain dollar amount. No matter how hard a person works during their work shift, the money they make for that day will not change. Owning your own business eliminates the cap that employers put on your wages. If you can get a project up and going and commit yourself to working at it and dedicating time, there is not a being on this planet that can put a roof over your business and finance goals.

Freedom of Time

There are 168 hours each week, and they are all yours. Make your own schedule. Plan out each week with set blocks of time dedicated to your small business or project. Working a 9-5 job will take hours and hours from your life that you will regret wasting. Owning your own business will give you the flexibility to plan the rest of your life and do what matters to you.

Your Time is Valuable

See a pattern here? Start working toward your ideal career with you as your own boss, and your life will quickly change. With your own ability to plan out every hour of every day, you will successfully have more free time then you’ve ever had before. Don’t let employers continue to tell you what you’re worth. Start slow, make something happen, and take control of the time that is given to you.


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